Optimizing Customer Engagement
Optimizing Your Marketing Resources

Blizzard Consulting Group's missions is to help its clients make more money by providing clients with a fresh, experienced perspectives that help refine and optimize both their business and commercial strategies as well as deliver practical, successful implementation tactics.

Our consulting group is focus on two market spaces, each led by an Industry Practice Director:

- Customer Loyalty and Retention

- Basic Materials, Petrochemicals and Polymers

Within our Customer Loyalty and Retention practice we assist both B-to-C and B-to-B marketing leaders optimize the ROI of existing sales and marketing investments by selectively growing relationships with only the most profitable customers. 

In this age of highly scrutinized marketing budgets, we work to ensure that our clients' resources are deployed to capture the most attractive market opportunities.  Clients trust us to help them successfully navigate the increasingly complex interchange of marketing, sales and technology.

When our clients are revamping their game plan and are exploring new channel allocations to improve their reach and improve sales effectiveness, we have been there to help.  We work to ensure that our clients marketing initiatives are successful; not only from the perspective of the customers, but as importantly, from the ROI perspective of the investors and senior management.

Our Customer Loyalty team has extensive experience working with many of the world's leading airline and hotel loyalty programs. This experience has proven that successful sales and marketing strategies are rigorously planned, well vetted, precisely targeted and smartly communicated. We have relationships with leading full-service creative agencies that enable us to customize talents and services to the client's needs and budget. 

Within our Basic Materials, Petrochemical and Polymers Practice Area, we provide bottom-line focused, strategic and tactical consulting services and advice to global and regional B-to-B organizations which:

1 - Produce basic, petrochemical and/or polymer materials

2 - Convert materials into usable products and/or

3 - Use or sell the product made by supplier in #2 above

Our consulting projects typically involve one or more of the following areas:

Business and commercial strategy

Value chain management

New business development

Product line turnaround and repositioning

Material purchasing optimization

Assess the impact of the Shale Gas "revolution

Our professional team has extensive experience in global commercial leadership positions with major materials and conversion organizations.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can assist your organization relative to it production, sales and/or use of basic materials, petrochemicals and polymers.