Our Team

RockspiledSix years ago, Blizzard Consulting evolved from a coffee shop conservation into a tight knit, talented, and nimble team,  Our clients seem to like us, because they keep us around.

Keith Blizzard 

With 20 years of experience in corporate marketing and sales leadership at Marriott International, Keith decided to try his hand at entrepreneurship by establishing a boutique loyalty consulting practice.  Having been instrumental in leading Marriott into several new and successful business ventures and disciplines, he parlayed that experience into a niche practice that focuses on loyalty programs.  (more)


Craig Blizzard

Craig’s experience has centered on successful product market entry, building new businesses to commercial scale and profitability, and adeptly handling the turnaround of struggling product lines and business.  Craig has a reputation as a pragmatic, quick study, able to get to the bottom-line issue quickly.   (more)


Rob Grady

Rob is a marketing veteran with over 25 years’ experience in advertising, marketing and marriage. After a long career at Delta Air Lines, and an entrepreneurial stint,  more recently he has… (more)


George Stearns 

George has a broad and diverse professional experience across several highly competitve industries A recognized leader in strategy development, marketing, management consulting and project management. George has held senior leadership positions with brand-leading companies such as the Walt Disney Company, United Airlines, Delta Airlines and Oliver Wyman Consulting.