Recent Engagements

girl wispering to dogEngagement:
  Crafting A Marketing Strategy and Plan   
A leading lodging company sought guidance on how to more effectively market and secure large, long-term contracts within the government sector and needed a plan to effectively do this with its very limited resources. BC developed an integrated sales and marketing plan to drive awareness, broaden penetration, and increase market-share.  The Result: A quick and promising uptick in long-term contracts in the development pipeline.


Engagement:  Facilitating Growth In The Travel Segment  A leading marketing data and technology house was seeking to broaden its footprint in the travel industry and secured BC to assist and advise on growing their market-share  The Result: Several valuable relationships were launched and have matured into revenue producing clients.


Engagement:  Online Retail Rewards Program Restructuring  A leading online retail company had serious doubts about the effectiveness and related liability of its longstanding rewards program.   The C-level suite and the Board were inclined to discontinue the program because of mis-management by previous management teams. The Result:  Convinced senior management that the best course was to restructure the program and evolve into a more cost effective and more consumer relevant program.


Engagement:  Competitive Economics Assessment 
A leading loyalty program was reassessing its liability and cost structure and sought insights and an informed comparison to some of its closest competitors.  The Result: BC’s deep knowledge and experience was able to quickly capture the key perspectives and succinctly boil them down to meaningful, actionable insights.


Engagement:  Entering A New Credit Card Market   A major airline sought a third party review of a pending co-branded credit contract prior to signing.  BC researched the marketplace and identified any significant business model concerns.  The Result:  Key opportunities were highlighted and integrated into the final negotiations, ensuring a more successful card launch and long-term viability.


Engagement:  Expanding Wireless Partnerships to the Travel Industry   A wireless communications marketing company engaged BC to assist with business development efforts.  BC developed sales materials and successfully marketed partnerships to leading hotels, airlines, and financial services companies.  The Result:  Launched five new partnerships with the combined ability to reach more than 10 million prospective customers.


Engagement:  Develop a Partnership Loyalty Strategy A large trade association sought strategic and creative direction of for acquiring new members. The Result:  BC’s depth of loyalty marketing knowledge provided both quick-win and long-term marketing solutions to expand its marketplace and build market-share.


Engagement:  Evolution From Purel Sales to Sales and Marketing Organization   A regional commercial real estate company whose success over the past four decades has been decidedly sales driven.  Wanting to expand its marketing presence and grow its investor base, it hired BC to help develop marketing strategies and to implement marketing tactics.  The Results:  Leveraging the client’s website as a unifying benchmark for future marketing communications, BC is working with the client to create consistent branding across its marketing collateral, to develop and execute email campaign strategies, and to develop mobile app strategies.